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Italian Technology Awards 2017: open house at Gimav Member companies for a group of award-winning American students

Italian-made industrial machinery is a center of attraction for up-and-coming generations of US engineering. The...

Seminar – New laws and standards for glass products for construction

Interviews with the conference speakers at the October 5th seminar ("New laws and standards for...

Vitrum 2017 in numbers: a win for year zero of the international trade show

245 exhibitors from 22 countries around the globe, more than 12,000 entrances overall during the...



Triulzi cesare Special Equipments – Leaders in Smart Innovation: Triulzi and Project 4×4.0

Triulzi at Vitrum with Cugher, Iocco and Mappi: four Italian companies deliver Industry 4.0-compliant innovation, performance and customer care Triulzi was a star player at...