GPAD 2017 – CMS – In the USA to ride the wave of compelling flat glass trends

Oversize glass sheets and new protocols for machine communication: Gold Sponsor of GPAD, CMS spokesperson for the best Made-in-Italy technology in the world of glass

This is the second consecutive year that CMS – Costruzioni Macchine Speciali Spa – is participating in GPAD. “We see our support of this group as a Gold Sponsor as a priceless opportunity to promote our machines in America. In fact, last year we had very positive outcomes, which extended into the months following the event”.

Speaking to us is Giulio Vitelli, sales manager of the Glass Division for the Zogno-based (Bergamo) company, who emphasizes: “The United States has long been a strategic market for us. For 30 years we have had a branch here; today it employs more than 40 staff dedicated to distribution and assistance for our range of products. Initially they worked primarily for the Wood division, and later with all of the other divisions and, among those, Glass is certainly one of the more promising in terms of growth”.

Increasing demand for ever-larger glass sheets

“A recurring theme at the 2017 event is the processing of oversize glass sheets – continues the manager – At the event, the CMS staff will explain how we managed to solve the problems linked, above all, to handling and processing of such large-sized sheets of glass. We are talking about glass panels that can be as large as 18 meters long (and 3.3 meters high)”. A trend in flat glass that, in the United States, is increasingly popular, with demand clearly on the rise.

“One example – points out Vitelli – can be seen in the new Apple Store in New York built, at the request of Steve Jobs himself, exclusively with panels measuring 10.3 by 3 meters to limit the number of joints and enhance the aesthetic effect of the facades. Construction of the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino, known as the ‘flying saucer’, is moving in the same direction and should be complete in the next few months, and is clad with 9 by 18-meter glass sheets”.

CMS Render vertical CNC machine

“And – remarks the manager of CMS – in a situation like this, Europe’s response was immediate. The technological know-how and manufacturing solutions developed by the Old World companies and, in particular, Italian businesses, are assets the American market is well aware of. Hence, the growing interest of the local glassworks in our products”.

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by Chiara Marseglia