Ocmi Group – 2016, new prospects and proven successes

Glasstec represents the main glass exhibition for a company like Ocmi, offering a wide range of glass processing machines, from glass tube converting equipment for production of pharmaceutical containers to pressing and press-blow machines for the production of tableware and technical glass items. That was confirmed by the 2016 edition. Ocmi enjoyed the opportunity to meet existing customers and new prospects interested to start new productions, registering a quite constant flow of visits during the whole exhibition, including the last day when affluence usually takes a nosedive.

Visitors and markets
95% of Ocmi production is exported. Even if Far and Middle East remain the fastest growing markets especially regarding the pharmaceutical glass sector, visitors were quite well distributed among different world regions. For example, the main manufacturers of glass stemware articles came from European countries to collect information about new developments in Ocmi stemware sealing/stretching technology and discussing about production strategy in the next future.

Pharmaceutical glass steals all the limelight
As usual pharmaceutical glass aroused much attention in glass industry since many operators, particularly in Far East, are thinking about this segment to open a new business channel among more traditional productions like bottles or float glass. They appreciated very much Ocmi technology for production of tubular ampoules and vials as more simple and flexible in comparison with equipment traditionally used for bottles manufacturing.

by Editorial Staff