Players – Pneumofore – The largest vacuum pump in the world for Latin America

Pneumofore recommends UV100 as the best solution for manufacturers in need of high-vacuum industrial pumps

The world’s largest single-stage, air-cooled ­vacuum pump was made by Pneumofore, and will be installed in a glass bottle production plant.

The project took shape when Modelo, the Abimbev group company that also produces beer bottles for the famous brand Corona, contacted the globally renowned manufacturer of industrial vacuum pumps and air compressors headquartered in Turin, to upgrade its vacuum system. That is how Pneumofore ended up at Modelo’s San Luis Potosì plant in Mexico to start the UV100 pump, the best solution for glass ­manufacturers in need of high-vacuum industrial pumps.

The UV100 vacuum pump

The system delivered at the end of last year “has nominal power of up to 220 kW, and is based on rotary vane technology”, explains ENGINEER DANIEL HILFIKER, ­PRESIDENT OF PNEUMOFORE.   

“The pump is oil-lubricated and equipped with a frequency converter. These characteristics – he underlines – make it the best solution for applications that require high capacity and adjustable vacuum levels. Its specific efficiency, ease of maintenance and limited space requirements were decisive factors in the customer’s choice of technology”, Hilfiker recalls.

Pneumofore: Rotary Vane Technology since 1923

Together for the sake of innovation

Pneumofore helped Modelo upgrade its vacuum ­system, “which was originally driven by inefficient liquid ring pumps”. The rotary vane technology supplied by Pneumofore “instead ensures consistent performance over time, which is a huge advantage.

The only maintenance required is changing the oil and filters every 5,000 working hours, and no mechanical components need maintenance for the entire life-cycle of the machine, except for the bearings with a 120,000 working hour life cycle. (…)

by Camilla Zanetti